Tiny Yeti Storybooks

The Tiny Yeti Storybooks inspired the animated versions of the same names. The original books are available in print and also as Kindle books at Amazon.com.

Mighty Yeti Storybook Collection

The Mighty Yeti Storybook Collection brings together our first four stories featuring a wacky cast of characters illustrated by animation industry artists.

Mr. Cupcake Has The Sprinkles

Written by Jennie Hale Book · Illustrations by Eddie Betancourt

Meet Mr. Cupcake and his wacky world of fantastic friends! Will Mr. Cupcake make it to Mr. Cookie’s birthday party in time for the goofy games, goodie bags, and grape gelato? And hey, what’s making that crazy crunching noise? Mr. Cupcake and his friends Mrs. Cat, Platypus, Monkey, and Deer promise to show readers of all ages a great laugh-filled time. Kids will love the bright and silly illustrations and funny words, which will help beginning and early readers develop a love for books and stories.

A Shark Knocked On The Door

Written by Jennie Hale Book · Illustrations by Roman Laney

It’s a wet and rainy day with nothing to do but wait for the sun to shine. But then Grammy appears at the door, and she’s come to make a boat and float it down the gutter! Coats and hats go on, and Grammy and Grandson cheer their boat down the flowing, rainy river. But wait! The storm drain looms up ahead — oh no! The boat goes tumbling down! Will they ever see their boat again?

Maggie Is Afraid Of Monsters

Written by Jennie Hale Book · Illustrations by Justin Rodrigues

Maggie is brave. Maggie rides her bike without training wheels, she stands up to bullies, and she isn’t even afraid to eat Brussles sprouts! But what she is afraid of… is monsters. Join Maggie on her journey as she goes from being scared of fuzzy nighttime creatures to being the open, brave friend we know her to be.

Jacob The Gibberish Machine

Written by Jennie Hale Book · Illustrations by Nick Swift · Designs by Mike Dougherty

Jacob is an energetic six-year-old boy full of vim and vigor. One morning, he jumps out of bed speaking gibberish! “Dog” and “cow” become “tuberfloofle” and “blillz”! What’s gotten into Jacob? Can his friends understand him? Will he get his words back? Will he drive his parents crazy? This tongue-twisting tale will bring giggles to readers of all ages.